Allure Invitations

from the first glimpse to the final thank you

Joshua and Joe

I love what I do- I love meeting couples and creating an invitation that best represents them to introduce their big day to their nearest and dearest. I work out of the basement in my home, so I am by appointment only- but not everyone realizes that, and I get it –  For a typical wedding I work usually with the bride and probably her mother- 25% of the time I actually meet the groom. So one day last year I had a quiet workday and I was heading out to do some errands. As I was closing my front door a truck pulled up with 2 guys and a grandmother. They saw me and started asking about invitations and if I had time for them to come in and look- My husband who is a giant teddy bear and very protective was also heading out somewhere- but was not leaving if I had 2 strange men coming in (I’m not sure he noticed the Grandma- I thought I was pretty safe). If he only knew then what I know now- that Joshua and Joe are sweet, fun and very safe  🙂

The Grandma was Joshua’s – in from Florida to help plan their wedding- They wanted a NYC wedding but came across a new venue called “Above” in Staten Island and it was perfect- black and white, chic, unique and it screamed “JOSHUA”  –  We started looking at invitations- both guys really loved a letterpress invitation from Designers Fine Press- It was Romantic and Regal-  It was beautiful- However, it really didn’t scream “JOSHUA”-  we started looking at paper colors to design something  from the beginning- It was so much fun to see Josha’s eyes light up when he started seeing the options- we had metallics, glitters and mirrors- his expression is why I LOVE working with couples planning their wedding day- We came up with a 3 layer save the date and then modeled the invitation from it with some added touches-  a pocket folder, purple ribbon, oval laser cut tab backed with mirror. This was Perfect- the invitation was a perfect introduction for their guests to their wedding.

When I work with most couples I feel as though I some form of a bond- each couple is different- some are so warm and friendly and  some are so anxious and very nervous. Joshua and Joe were having fun and wanted everyone around them to have fun with them- I don’t typically get invited to my clients weddings ( I would be at weddings every weekend!)  but they invited me and I desperately wanted to be there- but I am also a mom, and just couldn’t get away- I spent the entire weekend on facebook and wedpics enjoying every post-

They looked like they were having the best day of the lives. – and so cool- Joshua’s Grandmother performed the ceremony!!!! How amazing is that- I saw pictures of their handsome son walking down the aisle, their friends laughing and dancing, and Joshua and Joe in love- it was the best wedding I didn’t make it to-

photo 4








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