Allure Invitations

from the first glimpse to the final thank you

Ashley and Eric

I never had the pleasure of meeting Ashley or Eric but I did get to work with Ashley’s mom, Suzanne. Suzanne and I bonded over many topics one of those being gluten free eating- (yuck, but I am gluten free- not by choice) and she was so full of info and made it so much easier-  anyway, Ashley and Eric’s wedding… they wanted something classic, sophisticated and a little different.

We had many meetings and sent images back and forth to Ashley- she was so laid back about it and I had the feeling she really trusted her mom and would be comfortable with just about anything Suzanne picked out- and of course, Suzanne wanted the perfect invitation for her daughter- I think she did a great job. 

For Ashley and Eric’s wedding- we did the invitation suite- we went with a 3 layer invitation- with matte white and shimmer papers and charcoal ink. I prefer charcoal ink on white instead of black ink – its softer and I think just as elegant with a beautiful hand made envelope and a 2 layer address band, we provided the place cards with  the guests name written in hand calligraphy (stunning!!!) Look at the awesome display they made for the place cards- Love it!, we did the personalized bags for the out of town guests hospitality bags and personalized napkins (which I do not have a picture of). 

I don’t usually include a picture of the Bride’s mom but Suzanne was such an integral part of the invitation process (and its such a beautiful picture of mom and daughter) I thought it was only fitting) 











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