Allure Invitations

from the first glimpse to the final thank you

Elyse and Daniel

I have known this couple since they started dating in 10th grade! Elyse was that babysitter that you just don’t want to share with anyone. I trusted her with my boys and my boys loved her, and they felt loved by her. Daniel- my neighbor and son of very close friends- was the type of teenager we all hope our boys will become- great student, played lots of sports and patient and energetic with my kids- who idolized him.

I watched Elyse and Daniel grow together and become a loving couple. When Daniel asked Elyse to marry him 8 years after they started dating- I was as excited as their parents and couldn’t wait to plan the invitations.  Elyse wanted something black, classic and simple. I think we accomplished that! I love the simple elegance of their invitation- its classic, but the horizonatal shape makes it a little more modern-

aren’t they the cutest couple!

My boys hanging with the bride and groom at the wedding-

Thanks for the great pictures: Allegro Photography and Cindy Greenstein Photography

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